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Levib2004 01-17-2009 10:14 AM

Very noisy radiator in bedroom...Need help and sleep.
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The radiator in my bedroom has a very noisy habit. When it heats up it begins to make a terrible racket. I can only describe the sound as this, imagine a tiny gremlin trapped inside my radiator throwing a golf ball against the metal sides as hard as he can.
It always seems to happen at night and early in the morning, stealing my precious sleep. Is this normal? None of the other radiators in my house make this sound. None of the other radiators get as hot as the bedroom one either. It is hot in the morning even with the knob turned all the way off. WHat can I do. Attached are pictures of my radiator in the bedroom.

biggles 01-17-2009 01:29 PM

that silver vent should hissssssssss when the heat is up,the gremlin could be water trying to leak back to that shut off on the other side as the stream comes up.if you have a liquid level you need to tip the radiator towards the shut off put a piece of wood on top of the radiator then the level on that to get an idea if it is tipped that way.shim it up on the vent end feet 1/4...1/2 to move the bubble in the steam cools it turns to hot water.either it goes out the vent as steam or back to the boiler.if that is an outside wall,and gets ice cold in the night with the winter.a sheet of foil backed styrafoam (1/4" at HD)sheet will keep the cold off the radiator and reflect the heat into the room.check all the radiators around the whole place for the tilting back to that shut off.if you have radiators over heating a couple of half/full CW turns will send the steam to the next radiator.....:whistling2:that silver vent should be hand tight and when removed(no heat running) rattle when you shake it.

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