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redline 04-18-2006 08:28 PM

Vent question
A relatives house is an older house and it does not seem to have vents for the plumbing. If I were to install an AAV would this be better?

Do I need to install an AAV on each sink drain or would just one AAV be fine?


Oldman 04-18-2006 10:22 PM

To properly have ventalation through out the home and meet code you must have at least 1 vent running to the outside, this should be located at the highest branch as possible and be not less than 1/2 the diameter of the building drain (2" will do fine) From there you can now install AAV's, just remember that every trap and trapped fixture needs a vent. This includes washer machine, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, tub, toilet. The best thing to do for the sinks is to visit a plumbing supply house (As lowe's or HD may not know or have what you need) and ask them for a AAV that you can retrofit to your s- trap or p-trap. It is a conversion kit (We have them here in VA at VAMAC Plumbing Supply) As far as tubs and showers go if you can get under the house you can install them right under the tub, toilet, shower by cutting out a section of pipe, installing a sanitary tee and install the AAV on top of that. Remember to install the AAV just below (Downhill) of the fixture. Also remember that you can not block in an AAV as they need unobstructed air flow. I would recomend using a quality vent such as Durgold as the cheaper kind they use in mobile homes do not meet code and they do not always seal out fumes. These depending on your area are about 20.00 a peice, but well worth it.

Mike Swearingen 04-19-2006 07:25 AM

Another AAV:

Oldman 04-19-2006 04:39 PM

Thanks Mike, Studor was the vent I was trying to think of, well built never had no troubles and pass every inspection

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