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mitchell39 06-19-2012 10:34 PM

Vanity space for shut-offs and drain / trap
My new wall mount vanity has little space for the drain/trap and water shut offs. The vanity has two drawers with only 1 1/2" between the back of drawers and the wall. there is a space (basically a "slot" running vertically down the inside of the cabinet) built into the centre of the drawers for the drain and trap to sit in that is only 3 3/4" wide. this seems narrow to fit the two shut-offs and the drain/trap into? - the existing shut offs, are 2 1/2" "long", assuming they are "standard", a shutoff won't fit between the drawers and the wall, even if shutoffs are installed tight to the wall. Am I missing something here, or are there low profile shut-offs that only approx 1" deep to fit behind the drawers? Do you think there meant to be recessed into the wall with an access panel or something ?

wctekkk 06-20-2012 12:18 AM

a picture would be helpful is the drain and water already behind Sheetrock? if not you might have to stub your hot behind the drawer then 90 and stub out the side same for the cold and with out a pic to go on maybe you could stay behind the drawers, 90 then angle stop w/ long supplies or stay in the 3 3/4" and rough the waters below or above the drain you can put the waters any were as long as you can access the angle stops.

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