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sandyman720 10-25-2007 12:22 PM

Vanity not sitting correct
So I just put in my new vanity cabinet and I noticed that if I have it sitting flat on the floor, the back edge does not touch the wall at the top.

What is the best way to have it so it touches the wall along the entire height of the back of the cabinet?

send_it_all 10-25-2007 01:09 PM

The way I usually tackle this is to scribe it to the floor. This assuming it is a cabinet type vanity with a toe kick and not furniture feet.

Anyway..shim under the cabinet until it is touching the wall and level from side to can check front to back, but it is not always possible to have all three conditions at the same time (level side to side, level front to back, and touching the wall.)

Now you will probably have just one corner of the vanity touching the floor and the rest shimmed up in the air. Measure the point of the widest gap between the vanity and floor. Lets pretend it is a half inch. Go and cut (or find) yourself a little block of wood a half inch thick, and also get a pencil.

Set the block on the floor and set your pencil on top of the block so as to trace a line around the very base of the cabinet a half inch off the floor all the way around the front and both sides...(you wont be able to do the back because it is against the wall, dont worry about it.) Now you will have to take the vanity outside and cut off everything below the line. Be careful, this takes a little skill with the skill saw...(hence the

Now your vanity will sit flat on the floor and rest against the wall and be level side to side, all at the same time....Professional installation.

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