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lost 06-23-2007 09:55 AM

Valley Shower Faucet
I am installing new valve stems in my shower, I have bought all new parts that are the same as I have taken out. The spring in the back of the valve stem will not seat fully into the valve. Is there a trick to getting this peice in? Right now when I turn on the water to the house water flows slowly from the spout.

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2007 10:17 AM

Did you put the garments over the top of the springs?

lost 06-23-2007 10:19 AM

if you mean the black rubber thing that goes over half the spring, yes

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2007 10:26 AM

When you put them over the springs did the edges of it recess into the seat area?

lost 06-23-2007 10:33 AM

no, it sticks out a about 1/16 or so, i tried to push it further but it just comes right back out

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2007 10:39 AM

Thats how they work, if you have the old springs use them and the new rubber ends, see if that works, did a shower valve the other day, the springs were not the same, so use old ones with new washers and that worked, if the springs were the same then is it possible you damaged one of the rubbers when you installed them? Pull them and see if there ok.

lost 06-23-2007 10:41 AM

i will try that. Does the rubber part fit onto the spring where it would semi hard to pull off or does it just sit on top and could fall off i turned it upside down?

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2007 10:43 AM

Sits over the end of the spring

lost 06-23-2007 10:48 AM

one more thing, is it suposed to be easy to put the spring in or is there some trick that i am missing

Ron The Plumber 06-23-2007 10:55 AM

The spring sits in there loosely the rubber holds the the spring in place, after it's in you should be able to push in on them and feel them as they push inward then when letting go they will return to there position, they will feel spongy when seated properly.

bigMikeB 06-23-2007 06:59 PM

Also look to see if there are deep scratches on the ball where it meets the seats.

lost 06-24-2007 07:10 AM

I cant tell if there are scratches. I tried putting the old spring back in cause it looked like it was a bit shorter than the new one but it still didnt seat right. When i took the spring out the rubber thing fit if perfect. So I know this isnt a perminent fix but I made the new spring a bit short by cutting a little off to get it in till I can make it back to the faucet store I got the springs from. I still have more new springs if you guys can think of something I doing wrong.

Ron The Plumber 06-24-2007 07:53 AM

Is the springs your using cone shaped or straight?

lost 06-24-2007 09:16 AM

its like a cylinder, with a little white plastic peice at the end

Ron The Plumber 06-24-2007 10:19 AM

Those are the ones to use, how about the rubber seats, where they long or short ones, some are long some are short. Not sure what you got in the rebuilt kit you bought.

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