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riverjamie 05-22-2010 10:50 AM

using couplings on 1/2 galvanized pipe
My friend has an 100 yr old house in San Francisco. The old galvanized 1/2 pipes are breaking down leaking in bathroom. At this time he cannot afford to re-copper house. So we're going to cut out one of the bad sections on the Hot and Cold and use some couplings. We have two manufactures. One is Mueller B&K which is a 160-003 galvanized 1/2 which is supposed to be able to handle cold and hot up to 185F / 125psi. The other is by Pasco 2922 which is a brass coupling 1/2 Iron/galvanized to 3/4 copper, but it says under Pasco's catalog that it's only for cold not hot. But if you go to Mueller B&K they also make (I DON'T THINK PASCO OR MUELLER REALLY MAKE IT) a brass one 160-304 which looks just like the PASCO 2922, but when I look it up in on ACE Hardware site it says that it can handle up to 215 F???? I think both Mueller and Pasco are purchasing them from China.

So after all that has anyone used these couplings? Do they work and for how long? Of course we going to first try to remove the fittings at the threads if we can so we don't have to use the couplings.


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