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Soupcatcher 08-05-2010 08:33 PM

Unused large central closet to become Laundry room.
Hi! This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I'm not treading on a dead subject. My wife and I are buying an untouched (that's right, COMPLETELY original) 1960's ranch style house. The washer & dryer are currently in the garage, and their little nook is eating up a large chunk of our kitchen, which we plan to remodel soon.

We have a large closet located centrally in the house. The closet shares a wall with our HVAC & water heater, and is located laterally from the guest/hall bath.

I would like to turn this large, unused closet into a small laundry area. The water and power are close enough to not be an issue, and I can easily run a vent pipe through the attic and roof. My problem becomes one of drainage.

I'm very lost on my options here. I know the A/C has a drain and I'm certain that it's pipe can't handle the volume of a washing machine discharge. In y'all s opinions, what could I do? I'd hate to do it, but I'd be willing to go so far as jack hammering a trench to the hall bath and tie into the drainage there, but that seems extreme.

Any thoughts, opinions or heck, first hand experience would be greatly appreciated!!


Mike Swearingen 08-06-2010 04:01 AM

As you know, you will need a 110v receptacle, hot and cold water supply, and a 2" washer standpipe drain (trapped at bottom of standpipe and vented after the trap) for the washing machine.
You're going to have to get a jackhammer. The 2" drain line, sloped 1/4" per linear foot toward the main drain line, will have to be tied into hall bath toilet drain line after its vent.
You will need a dedicated 220v 4-prong dryer receptacle (to replace the old 3-prong that I'm sure that you have....from the panel to the receptacle) and a 4" dryer vent (use metal dryer vent pipe) to the outside. Do not dump any of the moisture that comes from a dryer into your garage or attic. It has to be vented outside.
Plus, you will need to get local Building Inspection Department plumbing and electrical permits and inspections for this work in order to sell the house later. Keep all such records.
Good Luck!

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