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wstt 04-10-2012 12:00 PM

Under counter washer / dryer installation
I am trying to install an under counter washer and electric vented dryer in a small New York City kitchen and have some questions. The water box (shut off valves, and drain pipe) will be on the side wall to the right of the washer and dryer. I would like to install the washer on the left and the dryer between the washer and it's water box. (The washer will also go in a stainless steel water pan, with an electric sensor that would shut off the water - required by building code).

Again, I would like to put the washer on the left and dryer on the right between the washer and it's dryer box as the doors would open away from each other. These are 24" wide units that are only like 33.5" high.

On top of the machines will be a long marble counter top that can't be removed. The only way to service the machines is to lower the machines through the legs and slide them out from under the counter top. The dryer will vent from the back of the machine, into the wall and up the back wall and out a closed off window behind the wall.

At first I was thinking I could just run the water and drain hoses behind the dryer, and then push the washing machine back, making sure the hoses don't kink. Then I could just push the dryer back but I now realize how do I connect the vent hose? If I install the dryer first, then I'll have to have really long water and drain hoses for the washer as they will have to be long enough to be pulled out, and still run behind the dryer and over to the laundry box on the wall.
Anyone have any ideas?

Again, the counter can't be removed and there can't be any access panel to behind the machines.

They are european machines where only the dryer door can be reversed.
Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.

I did hire a NYC plumber, or my contractor did, (don't know if it's a master plumber -but he is able to do inspections 1 & 2.) We did knock out the walls, tear up the floor, move all the piping in the floor, then cemented over everything. The NY plumber is the one who did all the work and put the laundry box on the right wall, while the NYC DOB approved drawings show the washer on the left and the dryer on the right. The plumber and contractor figured it was easier to just switch the washer and dryer and put the laundry box on the right wall as that was the only space for it. Now I either have to deal with the doors opening the wrong way (with washer on right and dryer on left) or figure out a quick solution to this.

Any help here from some professionals other than the one my contractor hired, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance..

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