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smaxey 02-28-2011 05:53 AM

turning hot taps on making a sound like the ships are coming in
ok im new here so pardon me if i dont know all the words. :)
i live in a flat and i have an old water tank in the hallwall and one in the roof. now when i turn on the hot tap (bathroom or kitchen) it moans at me. to be honest it sounds like a ship horn. (family say its the ship coming in to harbour) anyway.. once the tap is running.. it stops after a few mins but its so loud im worried my neighbours think im doing something bad.
anyway the water isnt to hot as its the same temp as its always been( ive been in my flat for 5 yrs) it only started just before christmas. i thought it was because of the cold spell we had(i live on the coast so it gets really cold here) and thought it would pass. im just concern as i dont want to have burst pipes as im over a shop too. i can get to the mains as they are in my living room. any ideas or should i get my landlord workers in to sort it out. if you need anymore info let me know. thanks so much :)
sarah x

Just Bill 02-28-2011 06:33 AM

Sounds to me like loose washers in the faucet valve. They vibrate when water passes thru. To fix them, you need to turn off the water and disassemble the valvestems. Since the water is off, do both hot and cold.

Since you live in a flat, I am guessing you are across the pond. The landlord is usually responsible for that over here.

smaxey 02-28-2011 11:29 AM

thanks so much for your advice. yes im in uk :) i just got in touch with my landlord and the repair man will be round tomorrow. so fingerscrossed that the noise will stop once it has been fixed.
as it makes me jump. it seems to happen for an minute then its ok. but its everytime i run the hot tap. thank you for replying to my message. :)

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