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steve3847 11-06-2012 02:46 PM

Turn off valve to bathtub
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I have this hot water valve in the closet that turns the water off to the bathtub. The hot water faucet (bottom picture) in the bathtub is leaking slightly and needs to be fixed. The valve in the closet is ok but I would like to turn it off. I am going to call the plumber in and have the hot water faucet fixed. My question is can I use WD-40 on the pipe valve in the closet before I turn it off. I know this is a simple question but I know nothing really about plumbing. Just learning about stuff like this. If there is rubber or plastic inside the valve I thought the WD-40 could reaction with rubber and oxidize it. Probably it is made out of metal thru and thru but of course I don't know that. Think plumber at Home Depot said I could use WD-40 but said to me it might be good idea to replace valve if it is real old. May wait and let plumber do everything. Just learning here. Just wanted to turn valve off in closet but there is so much stuff on it scares me to turn it. Could clean off with Q-tip and water but probably needs WD-40. Valve on right is the hot water and probably needs WD-40 before it is turned. Can that be used ??? Is there any special lubricant plumbers use ??? Any suggestions ???


joecaption 11-06-2012 02:55 PM

They need to be replaced with ball valves.
Those type valves always fail.
If it's leaking around the nut where the shaft just snug up the nut a small amount.

steve3847 11-06-2012 05:45 PM

I included a picture of bathtub faucet in bottom picture not to be confused with turn off valve in closet. Guy at Home Depot said if valve in closet was old then maybe it should be replaced. It is the faucet in bathtub that leaks slightly not valve in closet. Probably plumber can fix faucet in bathtub. Last time plumber came out he wanted to replace the faucet to bathtub (bottom picture) and replace copper pipes also. I may just have him put in CPVC pipe and PVC to the bathtub in a few months. However, don't know about valve in closet having anything wrong yet. Should last a few years before needing to be replaced. Maybe let plumber spray WD-40 on valve in closet and make sure it is working just in case. Guess that is no big issue considering all the other stuff around house that needs repair.


oh'mike 11-06-2012 05:51 PM

If your closet shut offs aren't leaking now---leave them alone---If you need to shut off the water to the tub mixer to service it---use the main shut off for the house.

You might get lucky and find washers and seats for the antique tub mixer----remove the stems and seats and take them to a good plumbing supply house and see if they can match them up---

steve3847 11-09-2012 09:13 PM

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I called plumber in today and he installed a whole new faucet and new valves in closet. Said it should last for many years. However, the new faucet is leaking and the turn off valve for the cold water was very hard to turn off. I paid 700 dollars to the plumber today. Going to call the plumber back and hopefully he can fix the problem.

oh'mike 11-09-2012 11:58 PM

Do let us know how it worked out---ask him why he uses those gate valves instead of the more dependable ball valves---that is an odd choice for a pro---

steve3847 11-12-2012 05:59 AM

Will try to get this fixed
Thought I could trust plumber and his crew. Water was leaking from spout in the bathtub so I turned water off tight on the bathtub faucet handles but when water wouldn't stop leaking I turned the handles even tighter not worrying about plastic parts inside of faucet handles because I had to call plumber back to repair leak anyway. Well maybe I turned the handles tight enough to damage metal parts inside of handles accidentally. Maybe I should have turned valves in closet and not turned handles in bathtub so tight. Valve in closet for the cold water didn't turn very well anyway without using wet washcloth with a good grip. I tried to stop leak using faucet handles in the bathtub instead of turning them off in the closet. Then after realizing what I did turned them off in closet. This isn't my fault what's happened. Now he may have to put in new metal parts in faucet handles. I could have messed up metal parts in faucet not making the right decision whether to stop water from leaking turning faucet handles back tightly or stopping water from leaking using valves in closet. A split second error of judgement. Hopefully this didn't happen. If that did happen plumber will possibly have to resolder pipes connected to faucet from closet to fix problems. Don't think it is probably that bad. Faucet companies should make their stuff heavy duty and durable. Will explain all this to plumber when he comes back to repair faucet. Wasn't my fault. Did the best I could to keep water from leaking and not damage any metal parts in handle of faucet. If they had done their job this all wouldn't have happened. Now I have to go to management of the plumbing company possibly and resolve this, Make sure everything is fixed. I have to explain I don't want any metal parts damaged or bend where leakage could occur. Ask them to please do the job correctly. This is taking time and money away from me. 700 dollars and they didn't put faucet in correctly. What should I do ?????


BrandonD 11-12-2012 07:29 AM

$700 seems way too expensive to simply replace a couple valves and a faucet, especially considering you already had the wall open for them. Add that with the fact that they used the poor gate style valves and I wouldn't let that plumber back in to your house again.

steve3847 11-13-2012 06:35 AM

price pfister

diyorpay 11-13-2012 04:42 PM

The horizontal brass looking manifold has to be heated up a lot to 'grab' the solder and copper pipe. Instructions will always say to remove valve inner parts so not to cause damage. Hmm...

Easily fixed with new parts. No additional soldering needed. You should not have to pay.

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