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Thee 10-11-2012 08:33 PM

Tub faucet leaks
Hello, this is my first post, probably not my last one.

Here goes....

My tub faucet is leaking, so I put in a new valve.

older model sterling. New seals, etc.

Turn the water back on ...... still leaks.... hot water side....

After a couple days of asking I end up replacing the PRV (it was building to as much as 90 lbs)

As of right now the tub faucet still leaks.....

What did I do wrong Klik and Klak?

In the few minutes I've been here I may have discovered my problem..... what do you think?

"quote" from a different thread

Sounds like the "faucet" that you're referring to is the tub spout, probably with the pull-up converter knob at the end to turn on the shower.
There are two types of tub spouts, those that are threaded and screw onto a pipe fitting coming from the wall, or those that slip onto a straight piece of pipe coming out of the wall. You apparently have the latter.
There is an o-ring that seals the spout on the pipe to prevent it from leaking like that. The screw hole is for the set screw that holds the spout in place.
The easiest thing to do is to just replace the old tub spout with the same type. They aren't expensive and they're very easy to install...all you need is an Allen wrench to fit that set screw.
Good Luck!

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