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Ricky D 06-08-2007 04:47 PM

Tub Drain Install - What's The Trick?
Here's the deal - installing a new one-piece fiberglass tub in a new bathroom and am stumped as to why the drain keeps leaking.

I set the tub into a bed of plaster of paris for bottom support. That step went fine. Also have my ledgers for the sides too. No problem there.

Got underneath the floor to dry-fit the drain /overflow pipe system - that step also went well.

Applied a bead of caulk/sealant to the donut gaskets on both the overflow and the drain basket after Teflon taping the threads and with my wife holding them in place - I screwed the drain basket into the receiver. Also sillycone on the underside of the drain flange too. No problem with the install - made sure the gasket didn't shift to one side or such.

Glued up the rest of the ABS fittings and glued into the P-trap.

Go to water test and GUESS WHAT - the drain gasket leaks. Tried tightening - no good. Took the basket out and rewrapped with fresh tape - no good. Tried it without any sillycone - no good. Tried it sillycone again - no good.

So a callout to the Plumbers in the eworld - what is the supersecrettellnobody trick to getting the donut gasket to stop leaking?

I'm thinking JBWeld :)



Ishmael 06-08-2007 09:05 PM

Good old-fashioned plumber's putty on the drain flange. Skip the silicone and teflon.

Tmb9862 06-09-2007 06:22 AM

Plumbers putty will turn a fiberglass tub yellow.

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