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DCcondo 08-22-2012 07:04 PM

Tub Drain Gasket
I've been doing battle with an old cast iron tub with brass fittings, trying to replace the drain trim (not the entire drain assembly, just the trim). After reading some other posts and trying every other option, I finally just had to cut the old drain piece out. I'm now ready to put the new one in.

However, I noticed that there was no gasket between the tub and the drain shoe. There was a gasket on the overflow, which I've replaced, but none under the tub. I bought a new one that is 1/8" thick (the thinnest at Home Depot), but this is too thick. Putting it in place puts the shoe pipe at an odd angle. I think I would end up with a leak where the shoe meets the rest of the assembly if I kept the gasket in place. I tried looking online for thinner gaskets, but didn't really find anything. Can I use something else in place of the gasket between the tub and drain shoe? I'll be using plumbers putty under the new trim piece (between the trim and the top of the tub). Could I use plumbers putty (or caulk) between the shoe and the tub to create a seal there? What are my best options at this point?


ben's plumbing 08-22-2012 07:17 PM

hey kari...check to see if old gasket is stuck on bottom of tub....really should have one...and would like to see you use the should about trying it 1st...before you use caulking...ben:yes:

DCcondo 08-22-2012 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by ben's plumbing (Post 994252)
check to see if old gasket is stuck on bottom of tub....really should have one...

Yeah, I've checked and double checked. But, there's none there. I have good access underneath, and the cast iron of the tub just comes down and meets directly with the shoe. It's like they just didn't have space for a gasket.

I'd like to have one, of course. But, unless I can find one thinner than 1/8", I may have to move to an alternative option (assuming there is a good alternative).

Also, a second question regarding the new drain. The current drain assembly and shoe are brass. The old drain was brass as well, but the new one comes with a plastic bushing that is necessary for the drain piece to fit properly. Are there any thread seal issues I need to be worried about in attaching the new plastic piece to the old brass?

plummen 08-22-2012 07:57 PM

How about just installing a new waste/overflow assembly on the tub and making it all fit right:)

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