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Just ran into the same problem myself. My house is 55 years old with cast iron through the foundation and who knows what outside. I just replaced all of the cast inside the house with pvc and things started to back up which had never happened before. Tree roots from the 50+ year old silver maple outside the foundation and a massive chunk of roots and dirt just before the city sewer line, and like jagans said, all of the wipes and things that should not go down the toilet came out with the roots. Thank GOD for my friends. I am probably looking at replacing the main from my house to the sewer if I end up staying here for a while which is going to be a huge undertaking I am not looking forward to.


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when trees go dormant above ground they are still active below ground. most root intrusions show up in winter around MI.
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Doing it myself
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You can't call it a half-assed job.

You called him, he unclogged the line, you paid him, and admittedly asked him to leave.

One would assume that he would have recommended that you have the line replaced as root intrusion never stops once it starts.

Normally what I do when I find these houses with old failed sewer lines, and they are clogged solid (can't pull the toilet), the first thing I do is dig up the line near the house in the yard, cut the line, let the liquid leech into the soil and install a 2way cleanout.

Not that he should or shouldn't have done anything the way he did it, but I don't really understand how the job was half-assed. I realize you are in a crappy situation (literally) but the guy did what he was called out to do and I can't really see the reasoning for beating him up about it. If you're not happy with the price, that's PROBABLY not his pricing. He's an employee. He fixed the problem to the extent that you wanted it fixed.

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Call a guy who has a hydrojetter. The one in my town who does installs septic tanks. Now i had mine done by roto rooter. 3 months later same problem. Had hydrojetting done. No problem this was like 10 months ago. It depends on where roots are coming thru. In my case its a old shrub which sits right above a seam. So pipe is good its just the seam. Price i paid 150 for hydrojetting roto rooter snaking 125
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I paid $200 for a new guy to come out with a snake or something similar and then he used a camera AFTER he did the work. Sure enough pretty big ass tree roots were in there again. Paid less than 1/3 of the price and the issue was fixed correctly. This person did suggest replacing the pipe where the root had entered too but he said that was something I could do on my own or they would do it for another $450 or so. With the snake camera and if I have them replace that spot in the line I am still cheaper than I was charged the first time..... Anyway rant over. Live and learn. Ask for prices first and how long they stand by their work. Luckily it only cost me $650 (which is still a lot to a newly wed couple starting off).
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I second the hydrojetting. My neighbor paid 900 dollars to have maybe 20 feet snaked in his basement. But, it did come with a three year guarantee. I did not bother to tell him I would have done it for 60 bucks.
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Im not sure if mine was hyrdojetted or snaked but either way, the issue is fixed. I am going to replace the section of pipe where the roots are and dig up the roots once the weather gets nicer.


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