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Originally Posted by creeper
It doesn't seem strange to me at all that the bulk of vistitors here are drive bys. Ordinary homeowners come here by chance, find the answer to their problem and move on. Unfortunately, they don't realize (and how could they?) that they have stumbled upon an amazing free resource held together by competent pro's who so generously give their time and share their knowledge.

Then there is people like me. I don't have a lot to contribute but I am learning a huge amount and gaining confidence to complete jobs on my own. Plus, as a Realtor, I take the added knowledge with me when I tour homes.

As an extra bonus, you get to know some of the regulars and make some on-line friends. If you are really lucky you can call some people real friends.
I agree, many pros charge for there time and then you only get one opinion. With this you get multiple opinions for free plus a large range of experience and knowledge. And from all over the US and Canada.


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Originally Posted by ddawg16 View Post
Yes you do.......It's called 'comedic relief'.......

Thanks...I think....

Yes....I 'll take it
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I have to admit, somethings I have done the wrong way for over 20 years. Now I read how something is done the right way. Some people just fight and can not work together. But on this forum it is like I have an extension of my thinking times 20. Thanks so much for your time and honest opinion.
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Originally Posted by oh'mike View Post
The satisfaction when someone says 'thank you so much--it worked' makes up for the schleps---

Still it would be nice if people would come back more often with the results of our help---
Then you have some who come back mad as the dickens blasting, because they didn't follow instructions, and somehow it is our fault they didn't follow instructions as they should. Sorry, I haven't had enough coffee this morning.
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I always chuckle when I see a new member finish up their thread with "OK, thanks, I'll post back in a few days with pictures/results".

..uh huh...sure ya will!
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I have found that some engineers and realty managers are their own worst enemies acting without even asking for advice then crying out for help and declaring an emergency when the project goes south...the ones who listen in earnest find life a lot less worrisome and fulfilling...They are the ones who put their trust in us. Very rewarding.
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oh'mike (12-29-2012)
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I am guilty of not always coming back to say thanks - will work on that. But promise I will have a host of before and answers by the time I am done with this rebuild.

Some observations from a noob..

Search strings - I was a DBA for many years and am familiar with search strings and how to tweak em when the average internet cowboy is not.

I find that if you type in the search function "load bearing wall" or "move toilet" you get a bazillion answers that contain the phrase but may be related to a completely different question. I am probably the only nerd that reads them all anyway. Your average user does not want to, or know how to use advance search options and will just post the question anyway. I have also seen where the same question is posted across multiple forums.

My favorite is the user that posts the question looking for a specific answer because that is what they want to do and dam the codes or the safetly aspects.

I love the inter-discussion between may I say "Extremely Knowledgable Industry Experts" (does that get a few get outta jail free cards now??) not only entertaining, but down right amazing. It is great when you all provide different answers and approaches to fixing an issue or how to tackle a DIY project.

There are many of us out here that don't even need to post a question because you gurus have already answered it.

So in closing - Thanks for your time that you dedicate to us weekend warriors and Please don't EVER stop.

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TheEplumber (12-29-2012)
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Did you have too much JAVA this morning? I received four identical replies.
I'd love to be your coffee supplier!

Thanx for the comments.
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I want to second what Superjett wrote above. The built in search engine for every forum I've used is terrible. To really find things on a forum you have to do a google search.

For example, if you want to find mansfield toilet threads, you'd put this in the google search box (minus the quotation marks):

" mansfield toilet"

You can replace the "" with any website you want to specifically search. You can replace the "mansfield toilet" with any phrase you want to search for on that specific site.


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oh'mike (12-29-2012)

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