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Qckrun 04-10-2010 12:52 AM

Toliet Flushing...?
I recently bought a new home about 3months ago. About a month after the purchase my wife and I noticed that whenever we'd flush the guest bathroom(hall bathroom), that after the water went down the toliet and right before it was done filling back up with water there would be a huge loud vibrating noise (almost like the pipes were banging)/shaking of the pipes that the water would go through. What causes this noise and how do I get rid of it. I thought it might be the cause of the valve being turned one way or the other but I'd closed it and opened it fully and it still does this.

Is this an easy fix or should I call the home waranty company that covers my house for the 1st year.

Its a very annoying problem that my wife and I have finally had enough with so any help is appreciated.


plumberinlaw 04-10-2010 04:11 AM

probably the fill valve for the toilet. Try this, remove the tank lid, flush, as soon as toilet starts vibrating lift up on the movable part of the fill valve to shut the flow of water off. If that stops the problem replace the fill valve ( Fluidmaster 400A, less than ten bucks at plumbing supply house)

plummen 04-10-2010 11:42 PM

what he said! fast closing valve :thumbsup:

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