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Toilets clog easily; entire house seems "stuffed up".??

Hey guys, first post here and of course it's a question...

I'm temporarily staying in a house in a really nice neighborhood, but this particular house is an older one. I know the owner bought it in 1986 and probably hasn't had any work to speak of done on the entire thing.

The problem is the toilets clog REALLY easily. Both bathrooms. 2-3 small pieces of toilet paper, and NOTHING else in the toilet will clog it. On the first flush, some will go down, some will stall. Second flush, some will maybe get through, some won't. Third flush seems to clear it out and the water completely drains the bowl when flushing. This means you have to constantly flush the toilet when pooping, be super careful, and still flush 4 times just to get it all to go down.

It's never been fully clogged where it overflows, so it seems some water/waste is getting through at all times, the whole house just seems to be "stuffed up". The owner had a plumber over a couple of weeks ago that charged him $700 to do pretty much nothing at all. I think he may have snaked the toilets or something, but I don't know what he did for sure. Either way, it was a rippoff.

I'd like to check some things out/get an idea before I call another plumber. I just called my Dad and he said I should get on the roof and check the "stink pipe", saying it sounds like it could be clogged.

Any ideas what's going on here? where should I start to diagnose the problem? what should I ask the plumber, and what should I make sure he does? run a camera through the lines??

Thanks for any and all advice

Also, in the chance that I can't get a plumber out here for a few days, is there anything I can do myself to help the situation? any products out there that'll help? heavy duty drano or something...

p.s. the sinks and shower seem OK, but there's drain screens in place to keep any and all debris out. I have a feeling that they, too, are "stuffed up"


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Bad toilets most likely, or low flow. Any manufacturer info inside the tank helps.


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Thanks for the reply. The toilets are made by "celite" and stamped with a "made in brazil 1986", so they're definitely old. That being said, I did some research online and poured a 5 gallon bucket down both toilets in the house and they both handled it just fine. I'm thinking maybe the little jets/holes under the lip that allow water in may be clogged up? I'm going to jump up on the roof and see what I can find out, then try cleaning/clearing the holes in one of the toilets to see what happens. Let me know if that sounds reasonable for now
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Originally Posted by rcbrown23 View Post
..then try cleaning/clearing the holes in one of the toilets to see what happens. Let me know if that sounds reasonable for now
If the 5 gallon bucket worked well, then I'd say your next step is to clean out the little holes under the rim. A very small bottle brush with hard bristles will do the trick.
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