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Toilet Won't Stop Running

Hello. I have a circa 2003 American Standard (Antiquity?) that won't stop running. Most recent water bill doubled from previous quarter. The toilet water keeps running into the bowl after a flush. Drops of dye confirm this. However the bowl stays at a stable level and has not flooded. Fill valve is a ballcock unit. It makes a continual hissing sound. When I hold up the float the hissing stops, and per my water meter the water stops. However, even when this occurs the water keeps flowing into the bowl keeps moving.

I initially figured the fill valve unit was the problem. I tried different adjustments on the float screws but the water is unable to shut off completely on its own. The water level is below the overfill valve. However, additional research directed me to the flapper/flush valve. The flapper was old, and flush valve seat was pitted. I tried the Fluidmaster Flusher Fixer, applied it with a good seal that hasn't budged, but running toilet is no better. Do I need a complete new flush valve rebuild? Is a universal Fluidmaster or Korky ok, or should I order OEM materials? Will a complete rebuild (fill valve and flapper/flush valve) fix this? A series of unexpected expenses recently has made me determined to try and do this before calling a plumber. However, working on this particular toilet is not the easiest task as the prior owner installed a tile floor without raising the supply valve--thus the shut-off valve knob sits almost directly on the floor and I have to shut off the water to the house to do work on the toilet. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Worth a try to change the whole flush valve. Use a Fluid Master.
A quick $10.00. fix.
While your there replace the line from the valve to the toilet to a stainless steel flex line.


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What kind of ballcock do you have? It maybe better for you to rebuild!
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I second the Fluid Master flush valve----do check and see if the flapper is seating properly----turn off the shut off valve over night and see if the tank is still full---if not it may be time to replace the seat for the flapper.
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Replace the fill valve with a fluid master and get a good korky flush flapper. turn water on and dye test
If gets to bowel replace entire flush valve also.
While your at it the tank bolts also

Or just go buy a new toilet a wax ring and tee bolts and water supply...
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another vote for Fluidmaster. can't beat 'em.
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Could be your bowl fill hose (the hose that is inserted into your overflow tube) is too far down into the tube, below the water line and you're getting a siphoning effect. Just make sure that tube doesn't go below the water level. I've seen it a thousand times, well ok once, on my own toilet...


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