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yarnpiggie 03-26-2011 05:06 PM

Toilet won't flush properly
Okay so I was feeling all awesome and plumber-ly today when I changed out the broken handle on my toilet. I flushed it to test it and it worked fine. Put the lid back on it, put my tools away, and told my dog how awesome I am.

Now, when I flush it, it won't flush unless I hold the handle down. Okay... took the lid off again... looked at it... waited for it to fill again... flushed it again to watch what happens and it worked fine. Did it one more time to test it and again, worked fine. So I put the lid back on it, went about changing out my shower head while it filled again and when I tested it again, it once again wouldn't flush unless I held the handle down.

Ideas on what might be causing this? Thanks!

yarnpiggie 03-26-2011 05:43 PM

never mind... figured it out!
Realized that when the lid was off the arm thingy (pretty sure that is what it is called) could lift higher. Shortened the chain, changed where it was hooked et voila! After eleventy-billion gallons of water wasted, the toilet is flushing properly.

And once again, I am telling my dog how awesome I am. :thumbup:

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