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Some toilets have a tank to bowl feed directly to the bottom of the bowl as shown in the picture above (to force the solid matter out first); others have just little holes under the rim (to rinse down the bowl each time). You might (carefully!) poke the holes under the rim using a coat hanger wire to see if they are clogged a little so the flush is not as strong as it needs to be.

If the problem goes away when you plunge and then comes back, that tells me that the problem is down below and trying to adjust the tank is a workaround.


The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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plunge ?

tell us about this plunge stuff. fill up 3 buckets with water. pour them in to stool one after another. stop if water quits going down. try again and throw a ball of toilet paper each time. if it stops you have a plugged drain. breid
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Mystery of toilet not flushing strong, intermittently

Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
Okay - Sorry, I'll clarify things a bit more too. We have 2 toilets, the one in the basement is currently and always has run fine.

It seems like the problem clears up for 2 or so flushes if we heavily plunge, but reverts back after a short time.

ANd yes, when it goes higher it does run into the overflow pipe, and from what I gather, if I could increase that height ever so slightly, it would solve the problem.

I do have a newer fill... area. I don't know if it's the kind you're mentioning, but I'll take pictures and post those.
Even though this (solving Plumbing problems) is out of my field of expertise, Speaking as a DIY'er, I've had this same problem in one of the houses that I lived in. One toilet was flushing fine and the other gave problems a lot of times, and had to be plunged often. It is definitely a Venting problem. I went up on the roof and found that the vent for the problematic toiled was clogged (at some point), by concrete. To solve it, would be very costly. So, (as not being the owner of the house) we left it at that!!!Don't Drink and Drive!!!
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The toilet always flushes just fine if I pour even a litre of water down slowly and steadly when flushing, even if there is a full bowl.

as for the venting, the toilet in the basement is directly below, so wouldnt it have the same issues? The vent would have to be in the same location.
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This seems to happen at various times during the year, primarily around summer...
Weird. Are birds nesting on top of your vent during the summer?

I would think the toilet below would be on the same vent... however.. if the vent was clogged.. flushing the toilet downstairs would most likely suck some water from the upstairs toilet bowl. It's possible the vent is partially clogged and the downstairs toilet is able to suck on the upstairs toilet a little and get enough momentum for a proper flush... or it could be a better designed toilet with more flush power.

Have someone flush the water in the downstairs toilet and see if the water in the upstairs bowl moves. If it does.. your vent is obstructed.
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I haven't had a chance to dig through with an auger, but I tested the theory of the downstairs toilet and no movement.

I can't imagine there still being something blocking after all this time and, seriously, it take all of half a litre of water to flush. It's silly!


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