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Dr_Jim 01-18-2010 05:44 PM

Toilet tank to bowl issue. Possibly defective batch?
Picked up a recommended Gerber Viper from the local wholesaler today.
I'll say im no plumber, but I have installed a few toilets in my day.

The tank would not mate 'level' to the bowl. It leaned so far forward it would touch 'china to china' on the front of the bowl and be 1.5 inches of the back.
Its actually got rubber bumbers on the back that it is supposed to rest on (3 points of contact: bevel gasket, and 2 rubber bumpers on back).
Obviously, the bumpers were pointless since it leaned so far forward.

Took it back to supplier another one.

Guess what? Same issue. Not 'quite' as bad a lean,...but still a good 1" space in the back between tank/bowl with the front of tank touching china to china.
No real question about 'is it tight enough' since once its china on china in the front you really dont wanna crank it down anymore.....

Any thoughts here?
A tank should sit level on the bowl,....and then when tightned it should 'stay' level on the bowl right?
I never got this close to being at all in-bubble. Way off level.


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