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Toilet tank bolts?

I have two bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. One has become rusted and is causing a leak. Are they easy to find? Plumbing supply or Lowes? I think it is an American Standard. Thanks and sorry if it is a dumb question.

Frank Lardino


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You can probably get these at Lowe's or a plumbing supply house. I'd go with the supply house, they are more knowledgeable there.



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One can definitely get these at Lowes and such.
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Note that sometimes it is hard to get the old one off because the bolt and nut got frozen together. Various makeshift ways have been suggested to get them off for example start with a thin drill bit and drill a hole exactly in the center of the head, then use a drill a little bigger, and hope that soon the head comes off.

Also once in awhile they come in plated steel instead of brass. Very bad, those'll rust again fast.
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best way I have found to get those rusted bolts off is to use a sawzall and cut then off between the bowl and the tank. takes seconds to do.
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Originally Posted by merle View Post
best way I have found to get those rusted bolts off is to use a sawzall and cut then off between the bowl and the tank. takes seconds to do.
Thnaks gents and possibly any ladies. I went to Lowes. I need to replace the bolts, handle and the water flow/fill valve thing plus flapper valve. I can probably get all the parts for $24.

I saw Lowes sells a base for $29 and a tank for about $39. I was thinking maybe I should replace the entire tank. Unhook the water supply(turn off water), empty the tank, undo or saw bolts. Maybe easier then hooking up the fill valve.

Replacing the whole toilet may be more than I want to try.

The old toilet is a Rugg or something. It is not Kohler, Jacuzzi, Amer Standard or the usual suspects. Would that tank fit my base? Are they standard sizes?


Frank Lardino
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Its highly unlikely that a new tank will fit your old bowl. Older bowls are designed for anywhere from 3.5 gallons/flush to 5 or better gallons per flush. New tanks are 1.6 gallons per flush. In addition, the bolt patterns are probably not going to be the same.

Those cheapy toilets like you're describing at Lowes flush like....cheapy toilets. On a personal note, I'm too damn poor to buy "cheap" if you catch my drift. You can get a very good quality toilet for somewhere in the $100-120 ballpark. If you want to keep your old toilet then replacing the flush valve, fillvalve (ballcock), trip lever (handle) and tank to bowl kit is definitely the way to go. Its not too difficult of a DIY project and not expensive either.

Good luck!!!
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Actually replacing the whole toilet is a snap in most cases....

The bolts you describe are often seated on a rubber washer.
Use a shop vac to empty the last inch of water from your tank. Then if you cut away the washer you will have enough play between the nut and bolt to get a hacksaw between them, however it may be a whole lot easier if you pull the toilet away from the wall and less likely to damage the tank. Just be careful not to crack the tank. Sometimes the brass bolts will shear at the nut if you twist, but I would use a fresh hacksaw blade from below.

If you pull the whole unit, (you should be in and out in an hour) then slide a boot try up to the toilet, pull the bolts under the eggshells at the side and away you go.Lift your toilet up and onto the boot tray. Before you lift, use the shop vac to drain the residual water in the bowl. Always use a fresh wax seal and I would use new bolts in the based if there is any corrosion. They often come in a kit with a fresh seal. I wear my duck boots for this job, just in case there is residual FLUID....
If you opt for the the whole toilet, read up on low flush units and how many grams the new one flushes, dont buy anything under 850 grams per flush.
Cheap is good but good is rarely cheap... I just bought a new comfort height unit and it is worth the extra $ to go taller!!!!!


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