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akbeard 01-07-2010 03:15 PM

Toilet plumbing layout
i am wondering what the best layout for my toilet plumbing and vent layout. i have a crawl space about 5 ft tall and the main line i am connecting into is about a foot off the ground and about 12 feet away. should i drop straight down about 3 feet before my long bend 90 deg so i have a nice shallow taper to my sewer line which i heard allows better waste movement or should i angle it right from the toilet. and where would be the best place for my vent. i was thinking of dropping straight down and having a cleanout and vent behind the bottom bend but wasn't sure if there is a long bend 90 tee so i could do that. also right next to the toilet will be a shower with a 2" drain that will also tee into the 3" line from the toilet and i am not sure if the vent for the tiolet will be enough for the shower also or should i vent that just after the s trap under the house. any help would be great. my head is getting sore banging it against the wall.:laughing:

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