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Oldern 03-29-2012 10:15 AM

Toilet leak continues after replacing parts
Leak in toiled after replacing spud gasket and flush valve

Rank amateur here who needs help. Be gentle.

Am Std two piece elongated toilet number 4112 tan, about 11 years old, developed leak triggering refills as the water level dropped.. I replaced the spud gasket (w/o replacing the bolts and bolt gaskets) using the old bolts as they looked OK. I kept the tank fairly level while tightening bolts but leak continued. I also replaced the cut-off valve and supply line as the valve was quite old and would also leak.

I then tried a different flapper but that didnít help so I put the old one back on. Then I replaced the flush valve with a Fluidmaster 507D which has it's own flapper. The original equipment water control was a fluidmaster so Iím guessing the flush valve was also Fluidmaster but the leak continues. However, the leak now appears under the tank whereas before I never saw water outside.

I think the leak is coming from or under the tank and then travels some six to ten inches around the outer rim or edge of the bowl before dropping to the floor. Water drips on both side of the bowl but moreso on oneside. The original leak must have been into the bowl as I never saw water on the floor. The bolts holding the tank to the bowl appear dry to the touch.

So what I was going to do was take the tank off again to see if any obvious hairline cracks developed and examine the new tank to bowl gasket (is this called spud gasket?) to see if it appears to be seating ok. This gasket, bought from local hdw, does not resemble the old one which was thicker and was recessed with a contoured shape to fit over the hexagonal plastic locknut. Iím hesitant about over-tightening anything but is this something I may adjust a wee bit-perhaps on the locknut. I didnít put any plumberís glue or putty anywhere.

Where am I going wrong and what else should I be doing? If the flapper is not seating properly could that cause water to leak out onto the bottom of the tank?

Btw, the flush valve doesn't appear to be able to control the amount of flow-1.6 gal per flush. Can a float device be attached to the flapper to adjust the amount of flow? Not too important at the moment though.

Many, many thanks.

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