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BriscoeB 08-18-2010 07:37 PM

toilet leak
recently, tile was laid in bathroom. Workers did not replace or raise the toilet flange, but stacked a thin wax ring onto a long horn jumbo wax ring. That was several weeks ago. Yesterday, toilet was flushed and appeared to empty slowly. Toilet did not overflow, but a couple extra flushes had water pouring into first floor from above.

Before I pull the toilet, did the wax ring(s) blow out or is there a way the water in sewer pipe could back up between horn of wax ring and the flange wall, then down through subfloor to downstairs?

When I heard an obstruction in pipe clear, the toilet flushed without any visable leaks downstairs.....any ideas?

LateralConcepts 08-18-2010 08:04 PM

If it cleared, just reset it with a new double wax ring.

While you have it off the floor though make sure there's no standing water in the flange, and check the underside of the toilet for any leftover blockage, i.e. Q-Tips, makeup containers, toys, etc.

Sometimes you think it's clear but the obstruction just shifted and allowed it to flush. If not cleared though could back up again. Every once in a while if there's something substantial stuck in the trap of the toilet it's not retrievable and you just have to replace the toilet.

Also while you have it off the floor run a bunch of water down the flange with the supply line to make sure it's draining ok.

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