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Dave43026 10-27-2011 08:50 PM

toilet flange
Hello. I am working on a bathroom floor remodel. When I removed the toilet, the toilet flange was rusted so badly that it flaked away. The bathroom is upstairs and I do not have easy access to the waste pipe. So, I purchased a two-piece flange to fit around the lip of the waste PVC pipe. If I install this new flange, it will sit on top of the underlayment (which is 1/4" wood, on top of 3/4" subfloor). To finish the floor, I am going to add thinset, 1/4" backerboard, thinset, and then (5/16") porcelain tile.

My plan is as follows:
1) Install new flange on top of underlayment, screwing through to the subfloor.
2) Install backerboard and tile
3) Add extender ring(s) to new flange so that flange extends above height of finished floor.
4) Install toilet

Does this approach make sense? A few other points/questions.

Do the extenders also get bolted into the subfloor, or are they simply glued to the flange? Also, how much excess height do I need above the finished floor? I've read anywhere from 1/8" to 1/2".

I made a similar post in the flooring forum but did not get a response. Thought I would try here...hope I am not breaking any posting rules!


Just Bill 10-28-2011 06:39 AM

The flange should be flush to 1/4" above the finished floor. That said, why do it twice by adding to the new flange, just install the new flange where it belongs. Space it as needed to be correct for the new floor.

Dave43026 10-28-2011 07:10 AM

I was under the impression that I could not install a new flange because I don't have much access to the drain pipe. It is a second floor bathroom and I am not tearing up the subfloor.

Are you suggesting that I buy a new flange and insert it into my current setup? Some additional details- as I mentioned earlier, the previous flange rusted away, but the PVC part of that old flange is still there. So I have a pipe of approx 3 inches ID and then a lip that I could put a new flange around. It sounds like you are saying that I can insert the PVC portion of a new flange into that old one? Do I need a certain amount of pipe length before the bend for it to install correctly?

Hope this is clear.

Dave43026 11-05-2011 10:25 AM

Hello! I wanted to re-post in hopes of getting some more input. My old rusted flange flaked away. The rest of the flange (the PVC portion) is still there. I'm raising the height of the floor with backerboard/tile. I was planning to use a couple of extenders. The previous post suggested that I just raise the height of the flange. I am OK with having a plumber do this, but I didn't think it was possible without having access to it from underneath (it is on the second floor). Can a plumber handle it? If it matters, there is a bend in the pipe right after the flange is installed.


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