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Toilet bowl will not fill up with enough water to flush

Why does the toilet bowl not fill up enough to flush on the bottom floor but seems to work fine on the top floor. I have swawped the tanks and they seem to work fine upstairs but not down?

Ok, I just replaced my old cock-ball style fill valve with the new-er style and it works fine now, my old one had very weak flow to the overflow pipe thus not filling bowl properly. I though there was a way to adjust the flow but no one could tell me how. The new one has great flow to overflow pipe so problem solved! Thanks everyone!!


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Is the water tank filling up to the same height on both?

Next: There is a little tube which squirts water into a tube and this causes the water in the bowl to rise after a flush. Is water squirting out of that little tube for both? (Crud in the water lines can clog that little tube, install a "spin down" filter to the water supply to keep that working.)

Then did the toilet bowl on the 1st floor come with the tank you are using? (Older toilets were designed to use more water to flush. Newer toilets are designed to use less water. If the tank is new and the bowl old, that could be the problem.)

Then you can fill a 5 gallon bucket 2/3 of the way with water from the bathtub, and pour that in the bowl to flush for now. If that does not work, then there is a drain or vent problem.


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Hi Bob, the tank upstairs is smaller than the one on lower floor, they are both filling up to the proper level in the tanks. I even adjusted the one on lower floor to have more water in tank (it was below the water line when it was upstairs) and now it flushes every 2nd time, this is because the first flush fills the bowl with more water so that the 2nd flush has enough water in bowl to flush all the way down. I did notice that the water flow to the fill tube (lower floor) is very weak, I was trying to adjust the amount of water to the fill tube but i'm not sure how to do that with the cock-ball style, I see there are 2 screws and the one on very top seems to adjust the float arm and water level in tank but what is the screw for located at the base of float arm?
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make sure all the flush holes (the little holes under the rim where the water comes out and the big one at the bottom) are clear. A coat hanger works well for cleaning these out. After a while they get clogged with deposits and crud, then don't let water through fast enough for a good flush. It really does make a huge difference in the way a toilet flushes.
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You may have a partial blockage that siphons the water out of the bowl.

You can try to clear the trap either with a plunger or manually. If that doesn't resolve the problem you may need to pull the toilet to find the blockage.
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