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NotSoHandyman 12-04-2007 05:37 PM

Tilted Toilet Tank
Hi all,

Last month my toilet started running and when I opened the tank to replace the flapper I found some kind of repair contraption attached to the flush valve. Toilet is an American Standard circa 1962.

I'd never seen anything like it and while I understand the general process, I'd never replaced a flush valve, so I called a professional, master plumber, 30 years experience.

He did a full rebuild of the tank and replaced the flush and fill valves with an off the shelf Fluid-----r repair kit. First thing I noticed as he was packing his stuff up was that the tank kind of had a front to back wobble to it now. I questioned the plumber about it and he grumbled something about the brass bolts on the generic tank kits not being the same as they used to and he's afraid to tighten it more for fear of craking the porcelain, should be fine.

I had a six month guarantee on the job so I shrugged it off and let it go. I didn't want him cracking the porcelain, either.

Repair was done the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Slowly but surely, the tank started to tilt backwards toward the wall. There used to be about an inch gap back there. When it settled, finally, the tank now has maybe a quarter inch gap between the top of the lid and the wall. Wobbling has stopped. There is now an inch gap between the seat when in an upright position and the front of the tank -- used to be that you had to be careful when raising the seat because it would lean right on the tank and often fall back down on you.

Best I can figure is that the new gasket has compressed/settled/etc.

No leaks that I can see.

The behavior of the toilet changed in that first week after repair. Once the tank was fully leaned back, the toilet started doing this think where the bowl would fill to the top, the toilet would still be running, and the water on the surface of the bowl would spin like the bowl was being filled, only the water level does not go up. It does this for about 5-10 seconds on every flush.

Other than that I can't detect anything out of place.

Should I be concerned about the tilt? What's up with the filling?


Ron The Plumber 12-04-2007 08:23 PM

Without being there and checking it out myself hard to say, maybe time for a new toilet.

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