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Unicornz0 09-16-2012 08:29 PM

Tiled Shower Repair Help, Please
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I have a shower below grade level, where water leaks under the curb on the other side of the wall, after the shower has been running for about 15 minutes. I'm hoping my shower pan is not leaking, hoping that there is an easy repair for this leak.

Where should I start. What should I check first? If any one has links to videos on how to repair/remove & replace a shower drain (pan) with a tiled floor, please post the link. I'm not even sure this shower has a pan. The shower sits on a concrete slab.

I've attached pictures of the shower floor & wall, & the leak behind the tiled shower wall. The shower head is orientated to spray towards where the water is leaking, behind the tiled shower wall. The wall board with the studs showing has the water showering on the other side, inside of the tiled shower.

The water leaks most where the floor tile is missing on the side of the wall where the studs are visible, & can be seen in one of the pictures. In this same picture above the curb, I was told the shower pan is visible behind the peeling material above the curb. I haven't been able to determine if there is a shower pan there or not.

Please let me know what you think, & what I should check first, second, and next. I've had plumbers look at this & have been told quite different things. One said, the pan is visible & likely leaking. The other said there probably is no pan. Actually, I'm hoping there is an easy to fix leak around the floor drain.

The house is a 1963 vintage, so I think the shower is too.
The water leaks from between the bottom of the curb & the top of concrete floor. Any ideas on how to repair this, short of replacing the entire shower?

Please help.

Thanks In Advance,

Javiles 09-16-2012 09:20 PM

check a couple things, one remove the drain grill and put a rag or something in the drain to act as a stopper, fill the shower with water from a secondary source a garden hose buckets water just not the valve in that shower, fill it at least with 2 inches of water, if you get the leak then you know its the pan and needs to be replace, if not look for a leaking shower valve packing nuts shower arm etc,

joecaption 09-16-2012 09:22 PM

I'm sure not seeing a pan, and drywall never ever should have been used in that shower. That whole thing was sure to leak.

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