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bubbasweet 07-06-2010 03:56 PM

Tighten Side to Side Action on Fawcett
I need to know how to tighten the fawcett spout when I swing it side to side on this style of fawcett. It is too loose and when I swing it to the left or right and turn on the water, it does not stay put. I am not sure where the adjustment is located. Maybee I have to tkae it apart? Anyone know? Brand is Latore

Mike Swearingen 07-06-2010 05:45 PM

The problem may be just worn o-rings at the top and bottom of the faucet body of the spout.
Turn the water off, disassemble the faucet and remove the barrel of the faucet.
Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the o-rings. Try NOT to cut or break them when you pry them out and off. You want to get a perfect match when you take them to the store.
See if that doesn't help.
Good Luck!

bubbasweet 07-07-2010 09:36 AM

I notuce there is also a heavy weight on the hose for the spray part that pulls out. It seems this is contributing because when I move the tap from side to side the weight from this is pulling the tap spout back a bit. Maybee I need to raise the weight?

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