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D.M.H. 04-25-2012 08:52 PM

Thicker Waste Elbow Gasket, Better Seat or Plumber's Putty?
I have a leak between a newly installed bathtub (Azzura, Adora: and the overflow/drain assembly (

The leak appears to be between the bottom of the tub and the waste elbow gasket. The waste elbow seat is nearly perfectly flush with the outside of the tub, which is planar (flat) at this joint, but the waste elbow seat is perhaps out by one or two degrees. One side touches while the opposite side is 1 mm (1/32") away, until I tighten the drain assembly, and the gasket becomes compressed to provide a seal (which works under low pressure conditions).

The waste elbow gasket, about 1/8" thick, has concentric ribs (top side, toward tub) and is contoured (bottom side, toward waste elbow) to fit snugly in the waste elbow.

The tub only leaks while draining, the leak is only a few drops, and the leak occurs only if the tub is about half full and the water is allowed to drain as quickly as possible (because I have pulled the plug out). It would appear that the additional water pressure at the gasket creates the leak, between the tub and the gasket (where the ribs are).

Should I replace the gasket with a thicker gasket, but one that does not have the form-fitting features of the original gasket?

Is the problem that the waste elbow is just slightly off being perfectly seated? So, should I seat it perfectly?

Should I, could I, improve the gasket seal with plumber's putty?

Any other ideas are welcome. :)

Many thanks to any that reply.

Alan 04-25-2012 09:03 PM

Plumber's putty should not be used on the lower portion of that seal. You use the putty between the fiberglass of the tub and the metal tub drain.

If you're only out 1 or 2 degrees the gasket should take that right up.

D.M.H. 04-26-2012 11:31 AM

Waste Elbow and Gasket Well Seated, No More Leaking
Thanks Alan. You saved me from considering options best left unexplored (putting plumber's putty on a gasket).

This time, I was more careful to seat the waste elbow and its gasket and now all is well. I seated it and tightened it (somewhat) first, and then tightened the coupling nuts. I then went around for more tightening of all the joints (with a screwdriver for the drain basket, by hand on the coupling nuts).

I did not think the plastic gasket on the inside was the problem, since leaks did not occur with the tub plugged. So I focused on getting as near to perfect a seat as I could with the gasket under the tub.

There are no leaks now! :thumbsup:

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