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bmt1970 04-11-2010 01:20 AM

Are there likely pipes here
1988 built house, 2 story, crawl space, sewer

I want to put in a new window in a certain location on the 1st story of our 2 story home. On an 8' ceiling the 3040 window would go from 32" inches to 80" on the wall - typically window placement. Upstairs there is a toliet about 2 feet to the left of where this window rough opening would be located. Downstairs - the washing machine is about 16" to the right of my window RO.

What are the chances that water/drain pipes would be crossing in the path of my window and I would find pipes behind the wall. Do drain pipes from the toliet go straight down until the reach the main drain line (whereever that is). Wouldnt it be unusual for pipes to be crossing across the middle part of the wall?

I know squat about how houses are plumbed - don't want to start planning the project if there are pipes in the way. bt

Yoyizit 04-11-2010 09:09 AM

With a few very small holes horizontally spaced you can use a coat hanger wire to feel around inside the wall between the studs.
A toilet drain pipe should be easy to hit up against.

Then you caulk or spackle the holes.

rjniles 04-11-2010 09:19 AM

Normally pipes from a second floor are not installed in exterior walls. But it is possible. You should be able to look in the crawl space under the area you plan to install the window and see if any pipes are in the area. If nothing is coming down in the area you should be good to go. But cut into the wall carefully as there well could be wiring in that area.

tpolk 04-11-2010 10:56 AM

if you can see top of wall in attic may tell you what you need

bmt1970 04-11-2010 01:18 PM

Just for clarification: exterior pipes are not normally installed in exterior walls...

but my bathrooms both back up to the exterior - so there has to be some piping in the wall, correct? Do you mean they don't come down through the exterior wall?

THere is a switch in the area - does that mean the probablity of there also be pipes in the local is low? Thanks for tolerating my ignirance on this

rjniles 04-11-2010 01:34 PM

Checking in the crawl space below your planned window is the best way to check. Presence or absence of wiring has no bearing on whether there is any plumbing. It assuredly means you have wires to consider.

plummen 04-11-2010 09:35 PM

look for a 6" wall in the vicinity of the toilet,or just look outside to see where your stack comes through the roof

Scuba_Dave 04-11-2010 09:57 PM

My 1st floor has the bathtub/shower plumbing on the outside wall
Not sure why as the other side is a closet
When I redo the bathroom I'm having the plumbing moved to the interior wall

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