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Tankless water heater question

I was considering having an electric tankless water heater installed but I've done some reading and now I'm not so sure. I live in a 1 bathroom 600 square foot house. So one of the smaller units that runs everything would probably suffice. But would it really be worth it? They say that tankless water heaters don't actually save you any money, because they die before you can recoup the cost of the heater and the installation.

Any truth to this? Also, how do you match the flow rate? For instance, my regular water heater can flow the standard 2.2 GPM while giving me 102 degree hot water. Actually, I'm not sure its 102 degrees. But its hot enough that you don't want it on your skin. You know what I mean. Anyway, is your average electric tankless going to be able to match that? I'm not willing to sacrifice any of my current flow rate just to go tankless. But surely there is one out there that can keep up...

Does anyone know which one I should be looking at? I want the one that can keep up with a standard water heater without sacrificing how much water it can output for a shower. I just got my shower flowing full again like its supposed to be, and I'm loving it.


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Tankless water heater question

Might want to use the search feature or just look at some of the current post. This is question has already been posted by someone else in the last day and dozens of other times.


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Tankless water heater question

If I was going to replace the water heater and it was my 'forever house' then I'd probably open my wallet up for one of those electric hybrid tank heaters. They have great ratings online and the 80gal one I saw had about $200/yr est operating cost vs. the 50gal standard electric one I have now that's $500+/yr!
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Tankless water heater question

One person small home, probably get away with a point of use for the Kitchen and bath sink, same for the shower. Otherwise maybe a 40gal power vent over direct vent.
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