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brewmastr 01-11-2010 12:15 AM

Tankless water heater
Hey guys, since discovering this website it has really been a very valuable tool in gaining knowledge in doing some things to improve my house :) the next of which is getting rid of this energy hog of a water heater I have. It is the original electric water heater to this unit from 1985. Definitly not the most energy efficent. Looking at going tankless water heater route. Have copper 3/4 inch piping right now going to the water heater so that should be easy enough to reroute, my question though revolves around the best way to run the gas piping. the gas piping runs directly through that room which makes it conveinent. It is 1 inch piping, so what i would need to actually do is cut the pipe in its route to the furnace, and install a T fitting that reduced it to 3/4 inch and then run it up to the water heater. So this brings me to my question, what is the best way to cut this pipe, thread the ends and install the T fitting as its directly backed up against sheetrock on the outside of the wall. It sounds like should be a simple process, just wondering on the best method. Thanks.

moneymgmt 01-11-2010 09:19 AM

Not a pro but I don't think you can thread those ends without taking the pipe out, which requires you to have access to the fittings before and after your cut. Can sharkbite fittings be used on black pipe? I've only ever used them on water pipes.

oberkc 01-11-2010 09:35 AM

While slightly off topic, I wanted to advise that gas flow rates may also be a factor. While I cannot advise on how to measure, those tankless units use a lot of fuel when they are on. I understand some gas supplies may not be up to the task. Hopefully, yours is good.

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