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tankless or tank water heater?

Trying to make a decision on whether to purchase a tankless water heater (Rinnai 94Lsi) or to go with a conventional tank water heater. My home has 3 full baths and 2, 1/2 baths. The plumbing co. I am talking with want 3k for the tankless in which the installation doesn't appear to be a large job for pros. Just not sure if the benefits of the tankless outweigh the cost. Also concerned that the price is too high but most plumbers want $80+ to give an estimate. I would appreciate any advice you can give.


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Hello Holleywood, welcome to the best DIY"r site on the web.

Tank vrs tankless,

Tankless - installation, initial purchase cost, complexity of the system, and possibly an upsizing needed for your gas service are all the down sides of tankless.

How many people live in the house, add up all your demands or possible demands to size the unit, I don't think its worth it, payback just isn't there.

Tanked heater is the way to go in my opinion, get a power vented high efficiency unit, this will have the operating savings (almost) as the tankless, and far less complications, and less expensive both in the purchase and installation cost.

Thats just my 2 cents



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I agree with Jack; I'd add in issue of needing to turn water on at a certain flow rate to kick the instant hot water machine on (can't trickle the hot water and keep it hot; the instant machine will not turn on if flow isn't high enough). Search for "cold slug" on this site for more info.
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I put in a tankless when we built our log home, mostly because there was no convenient spot for even a 40-gallon tank water heater. The unit is mounted on one of the end walls of the attic and vented horizontally through the wall. I paid the gas company to run pipe to it, but installed the heater myself. Just not that difficult. We've had no issues with hot water for more that two years. And have never experienced a cold slug.
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What kind of heat do you have? If it's hot water, you could consider an indirect fired water heater.

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having put a tankless in a few years ago...I'd probably go with the regular tank
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Tankless type

Looking into the same decision, tankless/tank. Could you advise what brand tank you have that causes the bad press?
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Hey Holleywood,

Around here the average cost for install of a Rinnai 94 is about 3000.00. That is due to 1. Cost of unit, install kit, venting etc. 2. Cost of an electrical circuit or outlet being added 3. Cost of having larger gas lines installed to deal with the 150,000 plus btu's of tankless heater. All in all that is a good price in my book. I love tankless and install alot of them but i agree with Jackofall1 that in many cases a high efficiency regular gas water heater can be more cost saving over time. I just attended my state continuing education class last month and in reality for the average family it takes 8 years for the tankless to start saving a family money due to the costs mentioned above, when amortized over a 10 year period.

Food for thought.

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One of my biggest concerns is that as a service tech for furnaces, water heaters, boilers etc etc I am well aware that not all wholesalers have a great stock of parts for those water heaters etc. Especially in a tight economy they are running with limited "lean" stocking practices. I can just imagine one of my wealthy customers getting up Monday morning with no hot water and being told he cannot shower before going to his law office because it is going to take 2 days to FedEx his part in. With a regular water heater you call us and within 4 hrs we have a new one installed.


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