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bobo 01-02-2007 12:44 AM

tankless hot water heater

i need to replace a hot water heater. it is located under the kitchen counter top, near the sink. it is 240v, and looks to be about a 20 gallon tank. would it be better to replace it with a "tankless" 4.0 gallon, point of use hot water heater? acording to what ive read about this type of water heater, ther is no wait time for hot water, and you can plug it right into a 110v-120v outlet. they seem to be priced well, about 150.00 at home depot. would 4.0 tankless be able to keep up with the demand that the 20 gallon heater provided? there is only one person living in the house.


redline 01-02-2007 08:50 AM

The unit may only supply the 4 gallons of hot water then you would have to wait for it to reheat the water. A unit like that will not supply continuous hot water. You would have to go with a larger unit.

Christopher 01-02-2007 08:51 AM


would 4.0 tankless be able to keep up with the demand that the 20 gallon heater provided
Not knowing the precise specifications of the two heaters being compared, I'll provide ball-park estimates.

240V 20 Gallon heater provides 20 gallons of no wait time hot water and recovers at about 20 gallons per hour.
120V 4 Gallon heater provides 4 gallons of no wait time hot water and recovers at about 5 gallons per hour.

A 20 gallon water heater typically services an entire dwelling with limitations (one major hot water event per hour).

A 4 gallon point of use hot water heater is intended for use in buildings where hot water plumbing doesn't exist (example: gas station rest room)

I have never heard the term tankless applied to a 4 gallon tank.

There are truly tankless water heaters that will service a large dwelling. Gas heated units are common place in Europe. The electric units used here in the states are a utilities worst nightmare. They are very high wattage.

Note, there is major false advertising being made by the sellers of whole-house tankless water heaters claiming they are more energy efficient.

The premium electric water heaters sold today are so well insulated that water heater timers have been reduced to a gimmick and water heater blankets are pointless. These new heaters have no heat loss and therefore in no way lack in efficiency.


majakdragon 01-02-2007 05:34 PM

You may want to check out Marathon water heaters. Price seems a little steep at first, but go to the website and see what they offer. 40 gallon is $527 and a 50 gallon is $555. Electrical Co-ops sell them to members and non-members.

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