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mpking 11-07-2007 07:00 PM

Sump pump re-hab
My house (which I recently purchased) has a sump in the foundation. The sump appears to be cast iron.

The foundation has a hole in it. Running from the pump up about 4 feet, and making a 90deg bend goes thru this hole.

The pipe is some kind of black poly pipe. It's rigid. I think it might be irrigation pipe. It's 2" in diameter. No check-valve on the sump pump.

The pipe runs underground somewhere. It's blocked somewhere underground. I found the end of it, it pokes up above the ground about 30 feet away from the house on a pretty good down slope.

Here's the problem. The pipe is blocked. I can't get any water thru it. I ended up geting 40 feet of the flexible pipe, and just tossing it out the nearest basement window.

What's "The Right Way" to plumb this?

The way I see my options are:
1. Drill hole higher up in Sill of house, and pipe up and thru it. Make some kind of quick disconnect on the outside of house, and continue with using the flexible plastic PVC pipe. Remove when I need to mow the lawn. Install a check valve next to the Pump
2. Dig trench out about 30 feet, about 2 foot deep. Fill with gravel. First 10 feet, solid pipe, remaining 20 feet with 6" drain tube (the kind with holes in it). Cover with Gravel. Fill with dirt. Make sure the hole thing slants down. Put check valve next to pump.

My concerns. The check valve. I'd assume that some kind of air inlet should be between the pump and the check valve. To let the pipe drain, other wise the water won't drain out and freeze.

I'm concerned with burying the pipe, since it could be crushed/froze again.

Mike Swearingen 11-07-2007 11:29 PM

First, check with your local Building Inspection Department and Health Department for local code, permit and inspection requirments for a sump pump discharge.
The least expensive would probably be to discharge into a nearby drainage ditch if allowed or into a "dry well", which might be nothing more than a buried 55-gal barrel (or connected barrrels) filled with broken brick and rocks with holes chopped into the sides for drainage (wrap barrel in bulkhead fabric or ground cloth to help prevent dirt from washing back into it). They also might allow the perforated drain tiles like you describe, but be sure that you cover the drain tile with the "sleeves" made for the same purpose.
They also might require it to discharge into a public storm drain, a sewer system or septic sytem.
Black rigid plastic pipe is most likely ABS which requires ABS "glue".
Good luck!

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