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deck hand 01-15-2008 07:29 PM

sump pump continuing running
I put this into plumming because I think this is the best area to get some help!
My buddy has this sump pump with two pumps in the bottom? One is a back up?
The water is very clear as it only pumps ground water up and out.
The main pump works off a large float, this one works fine. When the float is raised.
The little pump has me stumped. It runs all the time.
I can't see where a drain line come from this pump it does not seem to be conected to the main pump except by a bracket.

I unpluged this smaller pump and let the sump fill, At the right height the larger pump kicked on. I quickly re pluged in the small pump electrical cord in and this pump ran like a wizzz and emptied the sump out fast.

I took a stick and moved the sediment from around the two pumps, this did not make any differance.
I can un screw the flex hose from the pvc and lift the pumps put.
put I have never ever, screwed around with a sump pump.
It looks real easy to do and clean but the second small pump baffels me???

Anyone else have two pump system.
I won't get upset if you can help me. I Plan on pulling these pumps out thur.
for a look see!
Deck hand

redline 01-16-2008 02:25 PM

Does the little pump have a float?

Can you post a photo?

deck hand 01-16-2008 04:35 PM

Case of the running sump fixed.
Hey I must report the results of the mysterious running sump pump.
After reviewing many sump pumps on the internet I saw one that looked like the one I've have trouble with " not shutting off " I called the company and they directed me to their Technical suport I want to use their name because the repair was so simple it saved a lot of grief .
Their name is ( Just Water Pumps ) Their pump like mine is the" Little Giant"
Their Technician told me to see if there is a little white 3/16" tube projecting from the electrical plug, This tube runs all the way down the inside of the wire. What this does is let air regulate the pressure on the diaphragm.this controls the on and off. She said " some times a spider will nest in here and block the air way. " There was a tube !
I ran a small wire about 6 " into thr tube then using an old fashiond tire pump I gave it a couple good shots of air.
I pluged the plug into the back of the first plug . these are called "Piggy Back plugs" and It worked !!!

I wanted to pass this along That's why we have this forum Right?:thumbup:

My thanks to" Just Water Pumps "
Deck Hand

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