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jonathan123 08-21-2011 08:34 AM

Sump Pump Basin
I have a sump pump that is sealed in my basement. I have not heard it come on since I moved into the house (2 years ago) and the pipe leading to the outside seems dry which indicates that it has been quite a while since water has been pumped out. We have had major rains and storms and snowfalls since I moved into the house but never had any flooding. I decided to try to trigger the pump by filling the basin and attached a hose to my bathroom sink and started to fill the basin. I could not trigger the pump and the basin would never fill up with water. I could get the basin level to fill up well over the pump but it seemed that the water level stayed steady at the same level even when leaving the water running continuously into the basin.

Does my basin have a leak maybe? Is this possibly normal somehow that I can't get the water level in the basin to exceed a certain height? This would contradict the need for a pump in my opinion. Any help would be great.

oh'mike 08-21-2011 08:44 AM

Your perimeter drain may also drain to daylight.

Is your house on a hill?

AllanJ 08-21-2011 08:31 PM

For every day that the basin has little or no water in it, consider yourself fortunate. This means that on that day the water table is low enough and/or the ground can absorb rain water fast enough so that the water does not come up and flood your basement.

Whoever put the sump pump in either had a basement flooding incident or expected that there would be basement flooding. It takes only one incident to ruin the carpeting, etc.

A leak in the basin is a non-problem. If there was a leak and all the water in the basin escaped without coming up onto the basement floor elsewhere then everything would be fine and dandy. Except if the rain storm is heavy enough then some of the time water will be coming in the leak and have to be pumped out. You do not need to plug such a leak. If the water level is high enough that water comes in a basin leak, the name of the game is to collect that water and pump it out and away from the house.

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