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Paul Ebert 05-22-2011 09:52 PM

Sump drainage question
I have a sump in my basement and, because of the high water table on my street, the pump goes off quite a bit (every 15 seconds when there is a lot of rain or when our copious quantities of snow melts off in the spring). I also have to run a 4 inch pipe at least 20 feet from my house or the pump always goes off every 15 seconds or so. Is there a way I could bury this pipe underground so it wouldn't be strewn across my yard and the water wouldn't wreck my lawn? Could I build some sort of system (similar to a septic tank or field) that would receive the water and keep it away from my house?

If I wanted to hire someone to fix this situation, should I look for a basement waterproofing outfit, an excavation contractor, or a septic contractor?

AllanJ 05-22-2011 10:31 PM

Yes you could put in a buried pipe for the sump pump output. Be aware that if/where the pipe is less than about 3 feet deep it could freeze in winter, although the chances of freezing are less if the pipe is continuously sloping down from the entry point at the house so water cannot accumulate inside the pipe.

While a dry well or leach field at the far end of the pipe is theoretically possible, that might not absorb peak flow from the pump.

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