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bcbriunc 11-21-2010 04:12 PM

Submersible (Domestic) Well Pump
:confused1: HI, when my pump first starts, ie. after a power outage, it seems to run fine, (60 PSI). After it runs for a while the pump does not put up enough pressure, (approx. 30 PSI) and runs continuosly. The pressure switch is a 40-60 PSI. There are no leaks in the system. It seems like when the pump heats up something fails, ie., motor windings, control box capacitor, etc,. I am a steamfitter by trade, but only have basic electrical experience. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot this problem, ie., testing pump, or capacitor etc., with a multimeter, will be geatly welcome.

Bondo 11-21-2010 04:36 PM

Ayuh,... Is it a 2 wire pump, or 3 wire pump,..??

Is there a tinbox full of electrical stuff near the wellhead,..??

Know It ALL 11-21-2010 05:43 PM

Brian, this brings up a lot of questions. How deep is the pump? Are you sure that the pipe between pump and the well head is not leaking? Are you in a high lightening area. The reason I ask about the lightening. I was taught in Jr. College that if lightening were to hit the well it could cause the motor bearings to be pitted. This pitting will cause bearing failure months later. Lightening protection is very important considering the cost of a well pump and the fuss of having to replace it. An induction motor is kind of designed to act as a lightening arrestor. Meaning that the starting current is 6 times the running current. A direct hit will destroy anything and you're SOL. When I'm home and an electrical storm is appraoching I will have all my induction motors running to possible soak up a lightening strike. We had a strike about 11 years ago.
Have your motor amps tested and go from there.
Sorry about the rambling, I sort of enjoy trouble shooting power problems.
Edit: To test the pipe from the pump to ground level. With the pressure up as high as it will climb close the valve going from the well to the house then shut down the pump. Monitor the pressure guage. It should remain steady.

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