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StudorCrazy 02-19-2010 06:04 PM

Studor Mystery: Sewer Gas Smell
This is nuts. Many of us have gone crazy, so we're reaching out to the world for help:

*New construction project; 2 story single family SIP house with flat roof (requiring many studors----but have 2 vents to atmosphere); everything fine for one year.

*Strong sewer gas smell in master bathroom starts from studor vent area. One Toto Drake toilet and shower drain are on this vent.

*Figured maybe otherwise reliable Studor AAV failed, so replaced...only to have same smell. Well, maybe llghtning strikes twice.....replaced again only to have same smell. Three studors can't be defective.

*Figure we should smoke/peppermint test, but decided to cap/plug the vent before ordering....and smell stops instantly! Have done MULTIPLE times over course of weeks and different weather/pressure conditions.

STUDOR ON = smell
CAPPED = no smell

*Figure it's "system" problem, but Mystery: for the studor to open, would need negative pressure. For the smell to come out, would need postive pressure. ????? ........and everything worked fine for a year

*Only variable is that the ejector pit in basement is on a Studor. It shouldn't work, but it does.....and it passed inspection (although in talking to Studor, it probably shouldn't of) But again, ejector seems to work, and there was no smell for a year. ?

We just can't blast this vent to atmosphere b/c there is a roof deck above it. And we can't keep capped b/c it siphons....and smell starts coming out of p-trap in shower.

What is happening!?!?!?! :-0 Thx! :-)

Termite 02-19-2010 07:41 PM

Studor does in fact have a detail that their designers issued that permits venting of an ejector with an AAV. It has very specific dimensional requirements for the plumbing layout, but it can be done. First time I saw someone do it I disapproved it. They didn't have too many options so I did some online research and found it. After some reconfiguration they got it working.

See page 16 of this .pdf:

Other than having a lot of penetrations, why was the house's plumbing not conventionally vented? Seems like a shortcut. I do think all roads lead back to the ejector if the vent isn't properly configured, assuming the remainder of the AAV's are properly installed on a properly configured DWV system.

Alan 02-19-2010 11:05 PM

Run it exposed on the outside of the house? :)

StudorCrazy 02-20-2010 11:49 AM

Thanks for the good thoughts.

We can't go thru the roof real well because there is a roof deck/patio directly above it. (Worst case we're thinking we put stack inside tall flagpole so that smell doesn't ruin experience on the deck.)

The ejector pit is not done I tend to agree that all paths lead back to that. Thanks for the link to the spec. I'm just wondering why it took a year to cause a problem. ....and why the ejector pit works fine.


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