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crossthreaded 08-21-2006 04:13 PM

stuck in well pump hell
I bought a house about 2 months ago. well/septic, the water quit all of a sudden so I got out my dvom and started checking, power all the way up to well head, 16 year old pump, so I pulled the pump and replaced it 2 days ago. water worked for about 20 minutes and now will flow. still has power all the way to well head on all 3 wires.

the pump that I bought was a 3 wire unit but actually had 4 wires. the guy at the plumbing supply place said to just leave the 4th wire loose in the pipe with the rest of the wires and that it was just a ground that was required on all new installs. I have replaced the control box and the pressure switch.

if you go out and check the wires they only have 8v-16v unless you stick on dvom probe into the ground, then it goes up to 115-120v.

is this 4th wire the problem with why the pump won't engage?

i'm tired of camping in my own house and would love to have some running water. the guy at the plumbing supply house has been nothing but a PITA and will not give me any guidance or suggestions saying that he just sells the pumps and doens't install them. I woudl think that after spending 500+ dollars they would give better customer service.

any help would be appreciated although it's looking like i'm going to be pulling the pump again and this time installing a 3 wire w/ground 220v wire set all the way back to the house as that is all that I can see would be the problem.

if it matters I did put a piece of heat shrink onto the end of the 4th ground wire to keep it from touching something it shouldnt' have been. maybe it grounds out through the water normally? I'm a diesel mechanic and am good with my hands, but have no clue what i'm doing around home wiring, especially well pumps/wells.

redline 08-21-2006 04:23 PM

Make, model and any other info that you have on the pump.

crossthreaded 08-21-2006 04:32 PM

3/4 hp j class jacuzzi 3 wire off the top of my head

let me go find the manual

7s4712xv-s2 (replaces 7s4712b-s2
sub pump 3-w 3/4 hp ss 4"
7gpm 12 stg 230v
9248-1126 (replaces 9246-0104)
*********3 wire **********

that's what the reciept says.

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