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wrybosome 01-13-2009 08:27 PM

stuck iron pipe on oil tank vent
Hi all,

I need to clean the overflow whistle on my tank. The vent pipe was plumbed probably in 1961 when the house was built and is all iron. Using a 16" pipe wrench I have been unable to budge the large nut where the pipe comes into the tank.

A little description since I can't find my camera-

The vent pipe is attached to the tank body with a large nut and rises 6" to an elbow, then a short section of horizontal pipe to another elbow, then pipe out through the basement wall. The horizontal section between the elbows confuses me because I don't know what kind of tool you could use to turn the pipe in the elbows.

But really the problem is the nut on the tank body. I used a wire brush to remove the paint that the previous owner put on, then sprayed penetrating oil on. No movement after after an hour. What's the best way to break this connection?

I could borrow a heat gun from work and try that. I don't want to take a hacksaw to the thing because of sparks around 250 gallons of heating oil.


Thanks a bunch,


biggles 01-13-2009 08:55 PM

i think that NUT your talking about is a UNION:( if it is you need to double wrench there.put a (A)wrench on the top pipe going into the union(as .close to this union but not on it as possible) as if you were going to turn it CW....then put another (B)wrench on the union as if you are going to turn it CCW pulling it towards you.holding both wrenches on the horizontals.........PUSH on (A):) with your left hand ......and PULL on (B) with your right hand.when you set the wreches have them so when you have yor hands on the wrench handles your grips are right above each other as if you stuck your hands out with your fingers in a gripping (fist)position with the knuckles above each other.a quick jerk pull on the B wrench(pressure on A) and the union will snap loose.:thumbsup:

4just1don 01-13-2009 09:21 PM

Take two hammers and time your hits to be together. Tap the heck out of the nut all the way around(on opposite flats). Is this a union or a tank fitting?? IF you need more leverage slip a pipe over the pipe wrench handle for a longer cheater,,,still wont budge??

1. Then have somebody do some hammer tapping while wrenching.

2. put handles close enough you can stick something like a crowbar between handles to pry them apart,,,proper wrench placement is imperative!!

never seen the good old tapping method fail YET!!!

Bondo 01-13-2009 09:43 PM


If you're lookin' at 1 of These,...

You can take it appart as described above,...

If you're lookin' at This,...

You'll have to start at the Other End,+ take it All appart....

A Hacksaw will Never start a Fire with fuel oil,.... Never Ever.....

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