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House_Amuck 03-19-2007 09:55 AM

Is Structalite up for Tub-setting (instead of mortar?)
We have a Crane San Marcos Armorplus tub, which is Crane's answer to an Americast steel/composite type tub product.

After installation (and they had already started tiling the walls) my husband and I noticed that when you stand in the tub that there is a loud creaking and moaning and noticable flex. Since they hadn't tiled the floor yet we ran a 3 foot metal ruler through the gap under the tub and were able to go all the way to the wall for the full length of the tub--was not set in a mortar bed; tub only supported at ends.

We had a huge argument with contractor who wanted to spray in foam to "fix" the problem. We insisted the tub be pulled out and reinstalled in a mortar bed. He finally agreed.

Now they are pulling out the tub and the tile guy is giving advice to the very young-looking plumbers that they should use "Structalite" instead of a sand mortar (which is what I've read should be used.) Help! What is structalite and is it up to the task of tub setting?? I need an answer fast, if possible, because we are surrounded by fast moving burly contractors now!

Ron The Plumber 03-19-2007 08:02 PM

Use a mortor bed.

House_Amuck 03-20-2007 07:09 PM

We did talk them into using mortar. Hope they used enough. They had to push the tub down a tad to get it back into position, which is what I would expect.

Now that it has been 24 hours we should be able to check it and see if it is less squeaky/more stable. Next time we are doing cast iron. This was really a pain.

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