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Jhoskins 06-12-2010 08:05 AM

Strapping sump pump dischage to wall or straight up?

This is my first post, I just bought my first house (980sqft Ranch) last year and I probably could have used this forum for many of my projects. I am 21 years old, so most everything I do in my home is a first, and I have done everything just by researching. I am in the HVAC trade and very mechanically inclined.

Anyways I need to replace my pedistal pump which took a dump this week. I bought a Liberty 257vmf through my work for $105 that will be going into the pit. My sump pit is about one foot off each wall in the corner of my basement and the discharge line goes straight up, elbows 90* and goes out.

I seriously can not decide on leaving it as it is, or turning out of the pit, straping it up the wall and then out. I am also not sure if I should use 2 hole emts or unistrut. I have seen this done in newer houses and if this is how it is done now adays I would like to do it to. Do you think it would make the pump louder or vibrate more if straped to the wall?


majakdragon 06-12-2010 08:26 AM

If you want to run it up and close to the wall, use two 45 degree elbows instead of a 90. This lessens the discharge restriction. I always liked the unistrut for securing pipes. This also allows room for the check valve. make sure you install some type of union fitting that will allow you to disconnect the pump and remove it from the sump for maintenance or repairs.

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