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agentphish 11-15-2011 10:56 PM

Strange Smell - Powder Room
We have a small powder room, about 6' x 4' with a toilet and 24" Sink.
I have never smelt any strange odors in there before. Neither has my wife, and she has a sensitive nose.

I had my aunt and 2 grandmother's visit this weekend. I was working, but after they left my wife told me the bathroom smelled like old ladies/bad cabbage or something strange.

I told her i'm sure the smell would go away...however it's gotten worse and now I'm wondering what the heck it could be. I have put my nose to the sink drain and I do not smell anything other than soapy smell.

We have cleaned the entire toilet inside and out and the floor, and we're still smelling it, it seems to be getting worse. I can't necessarily say that it's a sewer smell either so I'm unsure.

My wife's brother said "maybe something died inside the wall" I find this hard to believe because the bathroom is in the dead middle of our 1st floor, it'd be difficult to have any animal get in there i'd think and we've never had any sort of animal/rodent issue in the house before.

Could it be that my wax ring suddenly went and needs replacement? It would seem strange to me that this could be the case.

Looking for ideas. I find it hard to think 2 little old ladies could make never ending stench.

oh'mike 11-16-2011 04:47 AM

Wax ring would be the first thing I think of to-----They can get damaged if the 'visitor' rocked the stool.

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