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gregt848 12-14-2007 10:36 AM

Is this Strange?
I bought the house this way, I did not do it and want to correct it the right way. The trap for my kitchen sink is in the basement not under the kitchen cabinet. PVC runs out of the garbage disposal down through the cabinet floor into the basement, where there is a trap down there. It appears to be a copper trap 2" pipe. Not your normal curve trap but it looks like a can with a side going in an a side going out. More squarish. Definitely a trap just not one I have seen before. Now my question is, the women wants a new sink and faucet so I want to address this and fix it the correct way. Shouldn't the trap be under the kitchen cabinet? I know you can't or shouldn't double trap the line. How would you tackle this? ALso what is the correct way to join PVC to the copper pipe. Thanks Guy's.

Bondo 12-14-2007 10:49 AM

While it's not a traditional Trap,.....
There's also No Reason to change it,.....
When it gets Plugged up,....
It'll be easier,+ probably cleaner to service it, standing in the cellar, rather than laying under the sink......

I'd leave well enough Alone......

ALso what is the correct way to join PVC to the copper pipe.
There are Fittings Just for that purpose.........

majakdragon 12-14-2007 11:21 AM

Sounds like a Drum Trap. Made of brass. Most also have a cover that unscrews to clean it out. I would leave it unless you want/need a trap under the sink. You can probably find a Fernco or No-hub connector for switching from copper to PVC. Lowes and HD carry them. Most sink drains are 1-1/2" so you may want to condider this when doing the changes. You are correct in not double trapping the sink.

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