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haddonfield78 09-02-2012 06:27 PM

Sprinkler valve leaking and other wierdness
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I guys I'm new, first post. I'm in the middle of installing my first sprinkler. I put in 2 inline valve manifolds and everything was water tight on the 4 zone manifold the first night then every valve was leaking on the water outlet side the next day at the PVC elbow/PVC coupler. I didn't use Teflon tape I used liquid Teflon. As you can see in the pics the 4 poly pipes are all on top of each other coming out of the manifold. Looking for ideas on how to un-eff this in the least destructive manner possible. I'm thinking of cutting the crimps and trying to get another 360 out of the elbows then reattaching everything. If something breaks it seems like it'll be the elbows. And one more bit of weirdness. When i shut off the leaky valves the inside valve of the 2 zone manifold thats not piped yet shoots out a gush of water and then seals again. ???. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks- Greg

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