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Stefan 04-09-2005 10:17 AM

Soil Pipe

I am a builder, and am fitting a complete new bathroom to a bedroom. What I want to know is how long and and at what fall can I run a soil waste pipe?

I can't find any regulation on this. I am running the waste down the side of the property. Some say any lenght others say I must pump.


MgMopar 04-09-2005 11:40 AM


If you are a professional builder you will want to make and double make sure you make local codes. Not knowing what area you are from or even what country I can't say for sure their are such but most area do have them. If not in a town check county,state or Provence.. Most DIY we are at are own risk if we do it wrong you are doing it for others. Anyway. I know waste lines run for great lengths without pumps. The need for a pump comes in when the pitch of the pipe is not maintained. Most main drains I have seen don't have a extreme pitch say about 1 to 2 inches every yard. Not being a professional plumber I am not sure this is what it is suppose to be. I when making change or add on's I have always tried to get this or steeper and haven't ran into any problems. In my current residence, it was built in the 50's and for some reason (I think the were planning on a septic system no evidence one was ever installed:confused: ) ran the main drain out in back of the house the across it's width then down the most of the length of le lot to the middle of the street were the sewer line is. this is over a 85' foot run from the clean out I had put in. Were I put the clean out in the pipes are not on much of pitch at all. (I don't really like the set up being clay tiles the tree roots have worked in as well. but it works fine :rolleyes: (about ever 2 -3 years I need the roots cut again -- yes I have been using root killer softens them nicely for the cutter)

Back to your question to pump or not to pump:)
If you can achieve a constant pitch on the line the pump should not be required. Make sure you are able to connect to the side or top of the main line try to use a y or flowing tee to make your connection flow smoother.

Stefan 04-09-2005 01:12 PM

Thank you very much, you (like most pro's) work on a 'common-sense' policy :)

I am more than able to maintain a constant fall, and have indeed contacted the local building control officer. He will be visiting site next Tuesday (12th). All I was trying to achieve was a proper informed working knoledge of the instalation. Having found this site I will be a regular member.

I am not a plumber but have a good working knoledge of plumbing and heating systems. But like all involved in the building game am always learning.

Thanks for quashing my doubts anyway about a gravity waste system.


dirkgently 04-11-2005 02:57 AM

As rule of thumb I use 18mm fall in 1000mm (about 2 degrees). havent got time at the moment for chapter and verse but will try to help if you need more.

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